the business of blockchain

Rethinking Freedom.
unlocking opportunities of economic freedom for everyone
Surfing and Blockchain
Surfing is an extreme sport, it's pure exhilarating freedom. It is also the hardest sport to learn. Just like the ocean, technology is in constant change. 

Blockchain technology is a disruptive change, it is hard to get your head around it. From confusion and scepticism to understanding, and finally to that aha-moment.

Thats' when the fun starts, riding that wave of potential in your imagination, you realize it's power and how it will change industries and our lives for the better.
Surfable Blockchain - Rethinking Freedom
Surfable Blockchain is a diversified blockchain software business. It was founded in Canada in 2021 to invest, create, acquire and manage a portfolio of blockchain software companies that will build pure economic freedom for everyone, by harnessing the power of Blockchain unleashing innovation and equal opportunity.

Our wave of products creates an open, surfable digital financial system that is simple, secure and speedy, unlocking opportunities for everyone to transact and build wealth.

Half the world’s population — 3.4 billion people — still struggles to meet basic needs. They don’t have access to banking.

The success of Surfable will be shown by the growth in our Transactions, Assets and Active Users.
You and blockchain
Blockchain is the biggest thing to happen since the internet. It will reshape how we make transactions across both digital and non-digital assets.

It is an entirely unique decentralized network owned by no one. It transcends the old-world straitjacket of financial controls. It removes friction, rethinks trust, and unlocks value by creating a more efficient and fairer financial market.

Imagine an open, surfable financial system built on the foundations of verification which offers economic freedom for everyone, not just the privileged few.

You don’t need trust—you just have to verify.

Rethink Freedom.
Surfable and blockchain
Surfable is proud to help make blockchain a reality to all. Together we will create positive, lasting change.

Surfing a wave is our inspiration. Surfing a wave is a form of freedom for the individual. Surfable Blockchain will create financial freedom for our users and our stakeholders.

Our future ambition is defined by our Vision, Mission and forward-looking Strategies.
Dare to surf?
Together, let’s create positive, lasting change.